Thursday, April 05, 2007

Book Review - "The "God" Part of the Brain"

A while back, I was asked to read and review a book by Matthew Alper. "The "God" Part of the Brain" is a unique glance at one person's discovery of what "faith" means/is. Alper begins at the beginning, where most philosophers start: by examining what we know, for fact, and tries to use that knowledge to explain how people believe in "higher powers" or God(s). It's a scientific approach to what is usually, in the eyes of believers, a matter of faith. Alper discusses the brain and its illness, instinct, and any matter of triggers, might influence our perceptions of the divine.

For parents, I would recommend this as a book to give your pre-teen to teen aged child(ren). The chapters are small and written in such a way that most teens could understand. Alper doesn't use intimidating language or concepts. If there's something "big", he breaks it down into more manageable bites. Each chapter could be very useful as a "study" or "jumping off point" for discussion.


Dan Marvin said...

I have one for you to review Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. You can either get the book or here is a clip from the DVD. You know me by now and I am here to help with the truth. The evidence is compelling if you have an open mind and are truly searching for truth, if not we will see it in your review.

Just a concerned family man,


AnotherAtheistAlready [AAA] said...

I am an atheist...well, maybe more accurately an agnostic, since I don't claim to know enough to make a final decision yet about the possibility of a higher power being responsible for the process we call evolution. I presently accept evolution to be scientifically proven, but have some openness to the idea that it might be driven by some over-arching force. I call it "Mother Nature". I don't believe any organized religion has it right yet. Anyone else feel this way?