Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's...???

11:00am- St. Peter: The Rock
12:30pm- The Apostle Paul: The Man Who Turned the World Upside Down
2:00pm -Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon
3:00pm- Bible Code II: Apocalypse Beyond
4:00pm -Beyond 'The DaVinci Code
6:00pm The Ten Commandments7:00pm The Ten Commandments, Part 2
8:00pm-The Exodus Decoded10:00pm- Bible Battles
It's nice to know that someone at the History Channel has a sense of humor. :) What a GREAT April Fool's Line-up.


Karen - Jusgottastamp said...

Hmmm....April Fool's or Palm Sunday? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well, Karen... it's really clever either way. :)

Either the History Channel is going along with the evangelical dogma of April 1st being "National Atheist Day" (April Fool's Day)...or they're making a statement about the veracity of the Bible. Either way... it's clever. :)
Palm Sunday's a bonus...just adds to the joke.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Ah we can fantsize about a covert Atheist within the inner circle of the History Channel can't we.

Carla said...

That made me laugh out loud...hee hee.

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

I suspect that the History Channel is just catering to the very large audience for this sort of Christian apologia presented as history. It so nicely re-enforces their prejudices. Still it’s delightfull fun that Plam Sunday fell on April 1st this year. I do so love serendipity.

Kathryn said...

DH had it on for a bit. I remember thinking, How on earth do they know THAT? on several occasions! I was glad when he switched to Deadliest Catch. :)

Summer Squirrel said...

How about this from TruthDig?

Funny stuff!

Ben said...

This is the same History Channel that advertised their special on the Dark Ages by repeatedly referring to them as '600 years of degenerate, godless, inhuman behavior.' So I'd go with the Palm Sunday interpretation.

They already lost me as a viewer over that.

AmberKatt said...

Heh... that's a pretty darn funny lineup for The History Channel.

That reminds me, one of the networks is gonna be airing The Ten Commandments next weekend, if they haven't already. In spite of the fact that it's about Passover (supposedly), it's been an Easter tradition since... well, as far back as I can remember.

It truly is hysterical to watch -- the Absolutely Tremendously OVER Over-acting is one of the funniest things I see all year. There is so much scenery-chewing going on that I bet everyone acting on that movie was regular for the rest of their lives.

(Although, I do have to confess that the whole "parting of the Red Sea" bit, as old and comparatively special-effects-primitive as it is, still gives me a bit of a thrill.)


Natasha Yar-Routh said...


Yes the acting way over the top but I have a feeling that was as much a result of Cecil B DeMille’s directing as anything else. Mostly it has Yul Brynner as Rameses, YUMMY!

Chris said...

Well, if my mom is right about the godlessness of the History Channel, it's a statement about the bible. I remember watching a documentary on the books not included in the bible, and I told her about it. Same with a few other religious documentaries I've seen on the channel through the years. Each time, any points I made are handwaved off because it's not a Christian source, so it's obviously biased and out to slander, lie and misrepresent the Truth.

Ah, the simple life of reality denial. If it doesn't fit into my preconcieved ideas, then it's some sort of conspiracy against it!

Joe said...

Ambercatt-I took the Universal Studios tour about 30 years ago and I remember the tram took you through the "Parting of the Red Sea" You jogged a memory. Seems awfully simplistic under today's standards.
Possummama-I'd have never picked up on the humor in the History Channel's lineup on April Fools Day. I knew there was a reason I read your blog. (sucking up now complete)