Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Anonymous Comments

Just a bit of housekeeping.
From this point forward, I will delete any comments left anonymously. I am NOT changing the status of the blog, because I want any/everyone who wishes to comment to be able to do so. I don't want to require anyone to create an account. If you have something to say, say it with pride. Don't hide behind anonymity. Pick "Other" and type in a handle....I don't care if you use your dogs name or "Santa", but do not post anonymously. It's becoming far too difficult to have a decent debate/discussion when you don't know which "anonymous" you're addressing. This is also going to be inserted in my user profile.

Carry on. ;)


anonomouse said...

Ok, does this work

CanIBeAnnonymous#1? said...


Kazim said...

Hi PM,

I don't know if this is what you want to do, but you should know that you can officially block comments from users without a Google account. This would prevent not only anonymous comments, but also people randomly surfing in and typing a name, so it may be a bit more draconian than you want; still, you should know that the option's there.

To do this, click the upper right corner for your blogger control panel; then click the "settings" option for your blog. Click the "comments" tab. One of the options is "Who can comment?" You pick "Only registered users", and voila... no more anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I realized that, Kazim. But, thanks for continuing to help me. :)

I get quite a few random surfers and was hoping to continue to allow them to post. But, as the previous two posters have shown... being lenient and tolerant, or expecting people to be mature, might be expecting too much.

Anonymous said...

Anonomouse is cute. If you want to claim that as your own, fine.

Canibeannonymous#1 ---If you really want to type that out everytime you post, then knock yourself out. Seems a bit much, but... *sigh*

Anonmouse said...

Beat Ya!

Anonmouse said...

Unfortunately Kazim, that doesn't really solve anthing. It takes only the work of 2 minutes to register through a free throw away email service and register through google.

The barrier to entry will just turn away new readers or people with interesting opinions. Blogs typicaly want more readers and writers, not less.

Besides its eaiser to bold and paste in a few words of the poster that you are replying to if theres any confusion.

Additionaly the "Gun Issue" is just as much as an emotional issue for people as much as is Religion, Abortion, Peace/War ect... if only because there is so much differing and conflicting information out there. So forgive somepeople for not wanting to make a Target of themselves.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

I can respect people not wanting to go through the hassle of signing, up even protecing their identity.

But they should show the rest of us the courtesy of somehow identifying their thoughts and opinions if they want us to enter into discourse with them.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Oh and thankyou to Anonmouse

trefoil said...

Oops. Sorry, PM. I've commented under "anonymous" before. I signed the posts, but this is an easy enough change to make.

Have a good day!

b. hammond said...

I don't care if you know my name. I'll post here because I have a right to, Possummomma.

This website isn't even remotely witty. You are not smart. You are just bringing up the same atheist arguments. What you need is a good course on religion. You don't understand God and the love he has for you.

Possum #1 seems like an annoying know it all. She may be smart in worldly ways and topics, but my daughter could teach her a thing about morality and charity. My DAUGHTER would love to spend an hour with your daughter and I bet she'd win. She's win your daughters soul. You've put Possum1 on a pedestal and she needs a fall.

Possum#2 why do you avoid talking about his accomplishment? You don't like him very much or is he just stupid?

Your third child seems like a brat. Your myspace shows pictures of her and it's ironic that you call her a monkey. What an evolutionist concept. I would never call my child a monkey. They are blessings and your poor daughter is labeled an animal.

Do not dismiss me. I am not joking. These are serious issues. Your parenting is in question here. You are leading that poor child into darkness. You are leading your children straight to hell while making a mockery of my beliefs. How dare you? Who gave you such authority?
You criticize Becky Fisher for child abuse but you are doing the same thing by making your children fear theists and embrace atheism. Would the NonProphets care for your children if you died? I didn't think so. No, it would be our Christian brothers and sisters who would. Would Matt and Tracie take care of your children?
You've said you are sick. Who will want your heathen children? Who will want such stains in their home?

You need to think about the future and stop being selfsih. Your children need love. You are giving them no community.

Patty said...

How dare you? Who gave you such authority?

How dare you.
Who gave You such authority.

Oh yah, a book, and a feeling of self-righteousnes.

Look at all that Hate. Tell me why I shouldn't fear thiests?

tina said...

I can't believe b.hammond said that about you and your children, is this guy really serious? You are judging people sir and you have no right. My son's father-in-law made the comment "I feel sorry for you" when he found out he was atheist. My son said,whoaaa! I feel sorry for YOU." I feel that b.hammond's parenting abilities are in question....well, you all know where I'm going with THAT.

b. hammond said...

Patty. I have been blessed with God's heavenly gift of dissernement. The falsety of Possummomma's parental skills is obvious to those who God has blessed with dissernement. She talks about her family like they are above Christ and God and the Spirit. My children know that we serve a higher power and Possummommas will serve themselves. Her daughter might serve the world in worldly ways but she will be spiritually destitute and negative.

Richard Dawson wrote that God Delusion book and talked about child abuse. Keeping your children from GOd is the most abusive act a parent might perform and you are celebrating it in this blog. What will you do when Possummomma goes to HELL. She is not getting her kids ready for this world and the Christians who will be the saviors of her children.

anonomouse said...


Is that one of those made up words that Hate Spewing thists use?

I wonder what it means.

Why should someone believe you that your fairy tales gives you some special power?

Darf said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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