Monday, March 26, 2007

Rare, third type of twins.;_ylt=AovilSsdvmHjaJ8OoxqkX3gDW7oFResearchers discovered twins who are identical on their mom's side of the equation but share only half their genes from dad.
Here's how it happened: Two
sperm cells fertilized one egg—an event assumed to be very rare—then split into two embryos.

Posted because it's just kind of cool!! :)
Every CSI show is going to have to write a new episode now... and you guys, who read my posts, will already have the answer. *smile* Hmmm...wonder if HOUSE, MD will try something where this comes up?


Matt D. said...

And, if those two sperms are from two different donors....

Natalie said...

CSI already did one episode on chimerism, which is why I know of the concept in the first place. LOL But yeah, it's pretty cool!

Matt D. said...

If my understanding is correct, Chimerism is a bit different and doesn't relate to two sperms or two donors, but as a situation where some portions of the individual have different DNA which comes from the mother or the other twin.

The CSI episode (I've been watching from the start) had the unusual situation where blood dna and skin dna were different, so that a suspect subjected to a mouth swab could appear innocent after his blood was found at the scene.

Definitely cool, though. :)