Wednesday, March 07, 2007

'G' is for God- part 2

Again- WB Encyclopedia, 2003

Gods of nature: In the Shinto religion of Japan, gods are thought to reside in particular trees, rocks, and streams.
Actually, I think- if you're going to believe in supernatural beings- this is a pretty cool way to approach 'God'. I mean, this is the ultimate in respecting 'life'. If you treat all things as if they are precious because they, in themselves, are worthwhile...more power to you.
In other societies, where natural forces are an important part of life, gods have also been identified with nature. For example, a major god in the yaruba religion of Africa is the god of iron...
Iron Chariots!?! Anyone? ;)
This goes on for another paragraph, with the encyclopedia pointing out more "natural gods.

Ideas about God. There are many ways of thinking about God. Agnostics question the existence of God. Atheists deny the existence of God.

Well,...sort of. Atheists and agnostics BOTH question the existence of God. Agnostics claim no knowledge of God (some even go so far to say that, even if God does exists, humans can not know him).

Theists believe that a supreme being exists. Theology is the study of ideas about God. Experts in this field are called theologians.
I wonder why they don't point out that atheists and agnostics can also be theologians. I realize it's a slight error, and possibly an unintended one, but... the bias is there.

Blah, blah, blah...and we come to my favorite paragraph:
Some Christian theologians in the 60's suggested that "God is dead." They argued that the traditional image of God as a father figure with supernatural powers does not reflect the modern world's scientific view of reality. Other theologians have kept the idea of God but used names that are not personalized or limited, such as "the unconditioned ultimate" and the "wholly other."

These last few sentences are just so random!! LOL
"The unconditioned ultimate...the Wholly Other!" - it sounds like God's going to go a few rounds in a title fight.


Cairnarvon said...

Some Christian theologians in the 60's suggested that "God is dead."

They mean the 1860s, right?

dinbri said...

And in this corner-ner-ner, the one with a glow, the light, the greatest deity of all time.....