Friday, March 02, 2007

Anonymity- what's that?

I hate that I've allowed this blog to become reactionary to trolls. A couple of weeks ago, someone told me that I was kidding myself if I thought I could keep this blog anonymous. They were right. The bottom line is: as long as people who know me in real life know about this blog, it will not remain anonymous. So... here I am. If you've discovered my intentity- *waves*. If you found my myspace (from comments or sleuthing): *waves*- Add me why don't ya? :) I'm not going to cower to a bunch of fuck-wit trolls who flex their muscles by exposing or stalking children. If the best response they have, for atheism, is "OMG- look at her child sticking his tongue out!", then I must suspect one of two possibilities:
1. They don't know enough about their religion to debate and their religion can't handle scrutiny.
2. They are losers.
Maybe both? They need to get a life. If they can't find a life, then they need to man-up and stop leaving anonymous comments.

To those of you who have patient with me on this journey: THANK YOU! I realize that this has been crappy reading! My only hope is that my experiences will embolden more atheists to say, "HI! Look at me! I'm an atheist!" Maybe we can, collectively, bust a few stereotypes and show theists exactly what they're supporting by remaining involved in the very religions that promote such awful (and innacurate) stereotypes?


PerpetualBeginner said...

You're quite right, Possummama. If someone truly wants to bust your anonymity, and you have any information on your real life on-line, they can do it. That was something I had to face when I started my blog, and again when I started writing for a website with a much larger reading audience. Fortunately for me I have yet to attract the kind of frightening attention you've been getting.

I wouldn't say that it's been boring or bad reading, though. It's been interesting to watch just how terrified some theists are of you - which is completely bizarre to me. I personally lean towards the theistic, but God is or is not and my opinion or your opinion in the matter will make not one whit of difference in the matter.

Aimee said...

Got your back here Pmomma, and as I used to post as 'proud to be an atheist', I realized that didn't make me much better than the scared anonymous posters, so from now on, I will be using my name.

I will forever be Proud to be an Atheist though!

Virginia aka Ginny said...

I know I don't have anonymity by any stretch and at first it used to freak me out, but now it doesn't so much anymore. I guess my life has been public long enough that I've become a little desensitized and don't bother trying to hide myself on the web anymore.

I figure if someone wants to harass me, they don't need to see me on the internet to do so. Freaks are everywhere.

As far as bad reading way! This blog is entertaining and fascinating. There are some amazing writers here, you being one of them Pmomma. :)

As far as the anonymous person who you and I know full well is from SCS, it would be nice if they could quit cowering and own up to who they are. I know you have your suspicions, but still. It's so yellow to make rude obnoxious comments and not have the balls to put their name on here.

Anonymous said...

It's been interesting to watch just how terrified some theists are of you - which is completely bizarre to me.
I'm not sure I understand it either.

Anonymous said...

Got your back here Pmomma,
Thank you, Aimee (who will forever, in my heart, be "proud to be an atheist!"). :)

Aerik said...

Anybody with a blog or using their online banking or something has no real guarantee of anonymity online.

So, I don't even try. On my blog (which I know is going to waste), I even registered it to Anybody can get my exact longitude and lattitude and see my house on Google Earth if they want. I am not afraid of people stalking me or harassing me.

But then, I don't have kids; even if I babysit my 2 year old nephew often, he lives a good half hour away from here and has a different last name.

Still, I support you. These assholes went out of their way to destroy your anonymity because they get a perverse pleasure out of it. They are wrong for it.

Milo Johnson said...

People who base their understanding of the universe on fairy tales are not susceptible to logic.

"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig."

shaun said...

Once again, thanks are in order for your blog. It does a great service and I hope to one day be able to stand tall and proud and proclaim my day ;)

By the way, I'm throwing an invite your way on MySpace. Check it!

Joe said...

I'll proclaim it. I am an Atheist. I do plenty of church bashing on my blog, as well as pics of the grandbaby and vacation.
We are who we are.

aimee said...

Same as Shaun, I would love to have you as one of my 'friends'. Since I am pretty new to myspace, I don't have very many people on there. The same goes out to any of you that frequent on here also : )

EXCEPT for little miss I'm holier than everyone else, you know who you are!

Carlie said...

The computer ate my post! I'll try again.

There are many valid reasons to stay anonymous on the internet, most of them not related to "hiding". I'm sorry that you had your hand forced on this one.

I would like to throw my support to you for doing this at all, though. I went completely over to atheism a couple of years ago, and given my family entanglements with a fundamentalist denomination, I haven't been able to bring myself to come clean about it in the real world. I also developed a huge mental hole in wondering how it would be possible to raise my children well without the backbone of church morality (I grew up sheltered, what can I say?) Finding blogs like yours have helped me realize both that I'm not alone in being an atheist and have given me a blueprint for how to be a good atheist mom.

If someone hasn't personally experienced the tunnel vision that develops in extreme Christianity, it's almost impossible to understand how valuable the example of normal, ethical, nice, atheists can be, anonymous or not. I leapt at your blog as soon as I saw the title, because there just aren't that many people out there focusing on being an atheist parent (a few, but not that many). I've only been reading yours for a couple of months, but it's helped me tremendously. Thank you.

C.W said...

Globalization works a bit like anonymity. I live on the other side of this planet of ours, and even if I did know your real name, it would mean exactly nothing since we're extremely unlikely to meet anyway. Which doesn't prevent me from enjoying your blog.

Lily of Philly said...

Hit me up on Myspace. I'll be your friend.

Carlie said...

Oh, and I won't track you down, but I'd be happy to be your myspace friend too. I *think* you can get my email address from my post since I'm signed in?