Friday, December 08, 2006

Mail Bag

Wow! I was peppered with e-mails, this morning. Some were very flattering and positive...others were, well, not so flattering and not so positive. ;)

But, since I have some wonderful tunes playing on my sound system and some pain-killers coursing through my bloodstream, I guess I'll take a stab at these questions. Buckle up!

Why don't you call your children by name? "Possum" is so degrading. What kind of mother are you?- anon
I really hope this was a sarcastic question. If not, I weep for our society. Do you think it's possible that I might CALL my children by their names, but refer to them as "possums" here because I don't want psycho fundies (see mirror) hunting them down? Rest assured, JOHN- whoops, I mean, anonymous, my children have names and we're not afraid to use em'. For example: Possum#1 responds to "hey you!" and "Girl Child". KIDDING PEOPLE!

Seriously, though, I try not to use their proper names because they're minors. Whenever I'm discussing minors, I will change the names. Also, I say some rather abrasive things in this journal, and I'd rather not have my children held accountable for what their crazy mother thinks. ;)

When are you going to tell your temple story? You mentioned it in chat room once? - Abe

Maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow, Abe. I did promise it. Frankly, that story always makes me look over my shoulders for two or three weeks, so I need to check my calendar and make sure I'm not going anywhere alone for a while.

Paranoia- the other anxiety disorder. ;)

Are you tired of Christmas music yet? Do you have a favorite Chirstmas soong? - Doug
Yes and no. I'm tired of CRAPPY Christmas music. Christmas music, and religious music in general, isn't always on my shit list. I rather like holiday music and I love a good Ave Maria. What I hate are the cheesy, cheap covers of old favorites. I can't think of any ONE in particular, but I'm always reminded of that GREAT premise in "Love, Actually" where the washed up, pop singer re-words a prior hit "Love Is All Around Us" to "Christ-massssss Is All Around". It's just sad. There are a few Christmas songs that will make me turn the dial, no second thoughts: "Feliz Navidad" and "Grandma Got Runover By a Reindeer". Really, the DJ who qeues those up should be hung upside down by his jingle balls and beaten with a sack of coal.

Favorite Christmas song? That's a toughy- I love Carol of the Belles. I also love any piano rendition of Silent Night, played slightly blues-y and up-tempo. The words mean little to me, but a great melody is a great melody. Art is art. KWIM? Favorite song to get me pumped up for the holidays? That would have to be the McKenzie Bros., "Twelve Days of Christmas", hoser! It's a beauty, eh'. I also dig "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by that little girl from "Love, Actually". (Yeah...I like that movie, too!)

Were you naughty or nice this year? - suspiciously anonymous
Santa? Is that you?
Ummmm... isn't it law that you're not allowed to incriminate yourself?


Anonymous said...

i keep reading your blog hoping that i will see some sign of the spirit at work in your heart but all i see is an arrogant woman who spends to much time on the email. your children are crying out for their mother to pay them som attention and play with them. god is commanding you to believe and to put him first and your ignoring him. your probably medicating your kids into submission because you are not giving them god or any consecuences for there behavior. how can you preach that christians are wrong who are you to judge.

Anonymous said...

Uh, how are all these wacko's finding your blog??

Sara (sassyat30)

erin said...

Maybe you should talk about how Christians (at least, some of them) apparently have HORRENDOUS GRAMMAR. And are also apparently peering through your windows because they know what your children are doing...

Steve said...

You can probably thank for some unwanted audience, but then again it directed me here. I'm not an atheist, but I agree with you on about 99% of your points. I just wanted to say that you seem to me to be the kind of parent that I want to be someday, as well as see in the world around me. Thanks :-D

ps - reading aloud as a family, and listening to NPR (previous post)? God how 18th century...caring for your own kids...

Anonymous said...

You can probably thank for some unwanted audience

I am a little overwhelmed, as is Possum#1, by the number of people who have commented and e-mailed. In fact, I just disabled the bookmark to this site, on the family computer, because P#1 had clicked through to one of the sites and found some people questioning her writing ability. Oh well. The DH and I had to have the talk about accepting the praise with the criticism. No biggie. However, I think I'll spare her pre-teen ego the unnecessary blows. I really had no clue this would flare up in this fashion.

I just wanted to say that you seem to me to be the kind of parent that I want to be someday, as well as see in the world around me. Thanks :-D
Thank you.

ps - reading aloud as a family, and listening to NPR (previous post)? God how 18th century...caring for your own kids...
LOL!! Well, we do deny them the pleasure of video games. We have to fill the hours somehow. ;) It is kind of an Amish lifestyle, but we manage. Seriously though, we just love language. Not to mention the fact that it's really, really cool to give your kids a large vocabulary so they can whip your ass at Scrabble.