Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'd like to bear my', testimony.

Anonymous asks: Were you ever a true believer?
I almost hate to say it, because it sounds trite, but...could you be a little more specific? A true believer in (or of) what? Also, define "true" while you're at it.

I really hate to make it a question of semantics, but it really is a case of semantics. I believe in many things. I would consider myself a "true believer" of many facts.
I truly believe that I would die for my children.
I truly believe that I love my husband more than any other man I know.
I truly believe that I should not have eaten that last cookie.
I truly believe that I will die someday.

I truly believe that I was brainwashed, for the first half of my life, to believe in the Catholic Church. Not God. Not Jesus. But, the Catholic Church.
I truly believe that, at age five, the adults around me were convinced that I was inherantly evil and that I would go to hell if I didn't do as I was told- despite the fact that I was a smart, obedient, hard working child. I hate to brag, but I was a great kid! Yet, I truly believed that the priest who heard my confession and the nun who gave me my catechism could see into my heart and they knew I was bad. I truly believed that this must be so because my parents told me that the Catholic Church was infallible and that God didn't make mistakes.

I truly believe that the Bible is a work of fiction. I truly believe that Jesus was a human, many humans (actually). I truly believe that the Jesus legend was composed of at least five men, named Jesus, who were ascribed various acts of heroism and wisdom. I truly believe that the people who wrote the papyri from which the bible was translated were the wealthiest and most powerful people at the time, and I truly believe their bias found it's way to the pages we now read.

I truly believe in evolution.

I truly believe that I have wonderful friends.
I truly believe that we can be moral people without the threat of hell hanging above our head.
I truly believe that IF God existed, he would shudder at the atrocities committed in his name.


Anonymous said...

["zendruid" posting anonymously]

I believe [sticking my oar in] that the poisoning of Jesus' message began with Saul of Tarsus. Y'know, that Jerusalem shyster that had a perpetual axe to grind....aka Paul the Apostle.

I believe that he faked his conversion, and conspired to destroy Jesus' teachings from the inside.

The RCs took the false apostle's ridiculous allegations and future-myths to heart---indeed, he provided them with all the rationalizations for the phobic attitudes of the church, as well as the justifications for the church's very existence.

This, I believe, is why many many good Christian people got queasy with the church and bible schtick and walked away, thenceforth to regard themselves as 'atheists'.

So basically,...

1) Biblical Christianity is not the real thing. Gnosticism is.

2) Jesus never wanted a religion behind him.

3) Fundie preachers are all congenital control freaks, and should be squelched [and forced to audit insurance claims for a living].

4) The churchists' brainwashed children are the real victims.

Good on you, Possumlady, for raising intelligent socially-competent children, btw. The world needs more people with open minds and hearts.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the gnostic belief system, except for what little I have gleaned from pop culture references. Can you recommend any books that would explain gnosticism?

Anonymous said...


>><< is a good starting point. Under the 'Gnostic' heading, there are several works.

I find the 'Gospel of Thomas' much richer than the canonical fact, many scholars regard G.Th as the source for Mt, Mk and Lk.

It was discovered 1946ish in Nag Hammadi,Egypt. Written in Coptic, generally agreed to be from the first century.

Anonymous said...

Second century, sorry....

AmberKatt said...

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors, Mark Morford from The San Francisco Chronical:

Jesus H. Christ returned to Earth for a single minute and took one look around and said, "Oh right -- this is ~exactly~ what I meant," and got back into his cosmic Mini Cooper and peeled away in frustration, blasting AC/DC and sighing heavily.

AmberKatt said...

Chronicle... sorry for the typo....

Riker said...


I only stumbled upon your blog earlier today, happened to comment on your 'godmother part II' post, and have been reading through all your material in the archives... but I had to stop again and remark on this:

This is my favorite of your writings so far. It sums up in beautifully honest and straightforward language all the things I love about secular humanism... this little passage of yours shows you to be a wise, loving and wonderful person with many positive messages and beliefs, all of which are grounded in the remarkably meaningful and legitimate frame of reference of science and nature.

The above contains a handful of praise adjectives, but I can't help it. Your point of view is a refreshing one!