Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ranty McRant

Ok. I have to rant a bit.
I have this friend/neighbor who's a born-again, Bible thumping, Jesus lovin' Christian. If Christ-love were energy, she'd be an atomic bomb! She never misses an opportunity to talk about how wonderful Jesus is and how his sacrifice "enables all of his children to become like babies- free from guilt, sin, and suffering." (So,...Christ is like the great enabler in the sky? I knew there was something unhealthy about all of this.)

Let's just say that her statement is true... IF Christ's sacrifice made it possible for today's Christians to be free of "guilt, sin, and suffering", THEN why the fuck are they always so freakin' unhappy and pissed off? Why are Wellbutrin and Prozac flying off the shelves at a record pace? Why are Christians always worrying about missing church or not finishing their MOPS projects on time? Furthermore, if Jesus died to ensure the salvation of everyone else: WHY are some Christians so interested in what's happening in someone elses bedroom?

What brought this on, you might ask? My "Christian" neighbor approached me, this afternoon, about our Muslim co-neighbor. These Muslim neighbors are always courteous and seem like nice people. The only issue anyone (in the neighborhood) has with them is the fact that their teenage son thinks Allah gave Tupac a pumping base line so that he could cause hearing loss in everyone within a two mile radius. But,... I've always rationalized that "it could be worse." Well, according to my Christian neighbor: It is worse! "It's horrifying! THAT daughter of theirs is P.G. Can you believe it?" ("P.G.?" Does that mean that she's suitable for general audiences, but may include some adult content?) Oh no...she's *gasp* PREGNANT! *insert the sound of my eyes rolling in my head* For those playing the home game, Muslim daughter is 20 years old and goes to a local, my response to Christian neighbor was, "So?" Apparently, my non-horrified response was anticlimactic for Christian Neighbor. She said, "Well...aren't you the least bit concerned for that poor baby? I mean,...being born a Muslim and illigit?" I responded with, "Better than being born addicted to crack, I suppose." I shit-you-not, my Christian Neighbor said:...wait for it... "If the baby were born addicted to crack, at least there would be some hope. But being born Muslim and illigit...well, I just don't know how that little soul will ever find peace."

DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK LIKE THIS!? I suppose Christian Neighbor was right on one aspect: she is very maturity and intellect.

So,...yeah. Pregnant, Muslim woman is going to ruin the neighborhood. *bangs head into keyboard* Horrors,...maybe Christian Neighbor will move?

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Virginia aka Ginny said...

Wow you have all the fun exchanges don't ya? I never get to talk to wacky Christians anymore waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh