Sunday, October 08, 2006

Questions from the possum gallery.

David asks: "Why are you always up so late?"
Ha! I don't sleep very well. And, it's the only time my house is ever truly quiet.

David asks: "Which churches have you attended services at (by denomination)?"
Oh let's see... obviously, Catholic. I remember going to a Baptist summer, day-camp, in Kindergarten. Actually, that's quite the story: I remember them trying to convince me about the evils of papism. Ha! My mother had a fit. Interestingly, her anger didn't run deep enough to pull me out of day camp. *shrugs* I've been to a Lutheran mass and found it to be Catholic-Lite. I've actually been to an LDS stake house for Sunday worship on several occasions. And, I've even been through the temple...although, the details of that are a story in their own rite. (For those playing the home game: a non-mormon going through the temple is a strict no-no!) I've attended a Four-Square Church, with a friend, and had the bejeezus scared out of me. I've been to a synogogue (sp?) and a mosque (once, each). And, I have been to a Hindu service...which, strangely, I really enjoyed. It was very peaceful.

Anonymous, from Dayton: "Atheists will burn in hell. How can you subject your babies to that fate?"
Tell me how you really feel, anonymous! And, if there is a God and he punishes my children for the "sins of the mother", then he's can't be a benevolent and loving God. Let's play by your rules: If Jesus died for all of our sins, then certainly my children wouldn't be subjected to hell. For that matter, no one sins would matter.

Seth, from Los Angeles, California asks: "Do you get your kids together with other freethinkers? Great blog!"
Thanks, Seth! I would love to find a freethinkers group, here locally. Thus far, I haven't found a secular group that fits that criteria. We have done some activities with a local Mensa chapter, but... yeah, the group kind of petered out. I try and form friendships/relationships with other academic parents,...and I think our kids benefit from that.

Well folks, that's all for tonight... keep the questions coming. I prefer to answer questions that have been posted on this blog, but I'll continue to take e-mail questions, if you feel the need for your question to be private.


erin said...

Four-Square church? What's that?

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend, Erin!
I'm not exactly sure where the Four Square Church falls into the grand scheme of religion, but it appears to be an evangelical branch of Christianity. They are very expressive and do the whole "speaking in tongues" thing.

erin said...

Ohh, okay. That's what I was guessing. I went to a Pentacostal church service once. I'll just say YIKES and leave it at that.