Friday, October 13, 2006

Just call me...the Godmother.

*chews fingernails*
Soooooo... I was asked to be someone's Godmother. I don't know what kind of crack my friend is smoking, but she seems to think that, despite my statements of agnosticism and atheism, that I would be the perfect person for the job.

Ok. A) No Catholic priest, in his right mind, would let me anywhere near the baptismal font! It might start boiling or something.
B) I have to wonder if my friend has actually read the requirements of a Godmother (in the Catholic Church). I know em'.
C) if A and B weren't enough?

Anyway... I love this baby. She's precious!! She's adorable. I would be honored to be someone charged with the repsonsibility of making sure she's taken care of and loved. I'm truly flattered. I asked my friend if she understood that I'm an atheist and she said, "Yeah. I know. But, you were raised Catholic. What better person to make sure she learns about the true church?" Ummmmm... ok. I still don't think she "gets it". The Catholic Church wants a Godparent who will make sure the kid gets to catechism every week and accepts the word of the Pope. What the Catholic Church most certainly DOES NOT want is *me* to be in charge of this child's acceptance of Christ. LOL But, my friend wants this....she wants it badly. She says she can't trust her child with anyone else. So...what do I do? Fake it for the baptism? Shoot, I haven't even gotten around to having possum #4 baptized... and don't plan to... if I can't "fake it" for my own kids, I don't know why I'd fake it for someone elses child. On the other hand, she really doesn't have anyone else who would do this for her. I want to support her and her family. I just don't want to compromise my honesty to do it. If I walk into that Church and pledge to help her raise this child as a Catholic, then I would be lying.

HELP! (Dave, if you're reading... I know what your answer HAS to be, but what do you *really* think I should do? Take off the vestments and be my friend.)


erin said...

You've made it clear that you're not going to be the one to teach the child about Christ, but I'm not quite sure that she gets it, like you said. I would mention it to her again, explain your position, that even though you were raised Catholic, you certainly do not follow the tenements any longer and will not be teaching the child about Catholicism--like a Godmother should. If she STILL wants you, then explain that you'd be lying to yourself to take vows to be this child's Godmother and while you want to be an active part of the baby's life, you don't feel you can sacrifice what you believe in.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Why do you have to be the "Godparent" in the first place? Can't she just draw up a will that in the event something terrible happens to her you will be givin custody of her child? It sounds like she is more concerned about who will take care of her child vs. if said child goes to church. Does she even know what an atheist is?

jesse said...

I was godfather to my uncle's son, and jokes were made that I'd burst into flame once I entered the church for the baptism :) I figure I can be a good influence on the kid nonetheless.

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