Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hospitals and religion

This possum mom has spent far too much time in hospital emergency rooms, this week.
Thursday, after a trip to my doctor (in another town), we came home and found that our youngest possum had burned himself on a bbq. :( He sustained a second degree burn on his shoulder. So, of course, we took him to the ER. During the admissions processs, the clerk asked "What is his religion?"
Uh. He's two! She asked what the "family's religion was?" I told her, "agnostic/atheist". She, I shit you not, said "Oh." and got an annoyed look on her face. WTF?! I understand the reason they ask about religious preferences, since there are some kooky medical rules depending on your religion. But, he's TWO and he's got an OBVIOUS burn. Stop flappin' yer' gums and filling in the blanks and get him in the back, already! Grrrrrr.

Then, last night, I spent several hours in an ER. Long story.
However, my husband pointed out, while I was enjoying the soothing effects of stadol, that there was a framed, print-out on the wall, next to every gurney that said: "We here at ******* hospital hope that you will get well soon. We have ministry available to you between the hours of 8am and 4pm. If you need prayer after these hours, and you are in iminent need of prayer, please alert your nurse."
This illicited a fit of giggles from me. God keeps hours, huh? If you get sick after 4pm, you're screwed. Discuss.


hannah of hawaii said...

I am enjoying your blog. I was raised as a Catholic but I converted to LDS a few weeks ago. I like your candidness about the catholic church and your willingness to talk about your experience. Can I ask why you woudn't be LDS?

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I fogot to answer your quetsion. I believe that if you need prayer Heavenly Father is available any time day or night.

Humans make many many mistakes so the hospitals sign is funny. God doesn't have hours like a corner store. He is there to help and listen whenever we need Him. He can only work through us if we allow him our mind and spirit to perform. -Hannah