Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Warren Jeffs - LDS/FLDS

This is a direct copy of an IM conversation I had with an LDS friend of mine. Screen names have been changed, but the rest is as typed/spoken.

LDSMom: hi
Me: Hello
LDSMom: What r you doing
Me: Wacthing CNN and thinking about how much joy it would give me to know that Warren Jeffs was sharing a cell with a 240lb, meaty, Vegas Pimp!
LDSMom: Oh. Did they catch him?
Me: Yes, ma'am.
LDSMom: I'll have to pray for him and hope that God gives him the truth.
Me: Isn't that the problem?
LDSMom: What
Me: He thinks God HAS given him the truth. He thinks he's seated next to God.
LDSMom: I guess
Me: Seems to me that one would pray for his victims, if you're going to pray for anyone.
LDSMom: I agree. I know you don't agree with me. I just really hope all of those girls see the light and come to the real LDS church. I'd love to house some of them.
Me: *sits on fingers*
LDSMom: Go ahead sayi t
Me: Like it or not, the fundie LDS Church is more like the original church than SLC is. They, the FLDS Church is living out what "Brother Smith" and "Brother Young" laid out.
LDSMom: The LDS Church does NOT endorse polygamy.
Me: Now.
LDSMom: and forever.
Me: So, if the current prophet received word, from YOUR God, that said "Polyg's back!" Would you let your daughter's marry into polygamy? Would you marry into polygamy?
LDSMom: That's ridiculous my God would never ask a faithful member to do that.
Me: But, he could. And, in order to reach the highest kingdoms of heaven, he- in fact- DOES ask.
LDSMom: No
Me: Yes.
LDSMom: No. My God wouldn't ask me to marry into polygamy because it's not for this time.
Me: But, it was for 100 years ago? And, it could be for the future?
LDSMom: No. Not for the future here.
LDSMom: In this earth.
Me: How do you know? Are you saying that if your prophet DID re-establish polygamy, you would not follow?
LDSMom: You're missing the point. My prophet would not ask that. Not on this earth.
LDSMom: If he did ask, He would have a reason.

I don't even want to know what rationale could be employed to endorse the systematic enslavery of prepubescent girls. But, I suppose it is as they say, "Through God...all things are possible." Even if it's physically and emotionally abusive.


erin said...

So wait. It's not for a future on this Earth. Is there another Earth? Or do Mormons get to be polygamists in Heaven?

Side note: Have you seen the South Park episode about LDS?

Anonymous said...

Standard disclaimer: AS I UNDERSTAND IT... LDS doctrine teaches that there ARE other earths. The standard phrase is: "As man is, so God once was. As God is, man may become." In essence, every male LDS member MAY become a God of his own planet. Part of the requirement for that level of celestial glory is that the man have multiple wives so that he can populate his earth. The LDS Church, as you might imagine, really doesn't like this bit of doctrine to become too well known because, frankly, if more people understood that little tidbit, there'd be all kinds of Scientologist-esque, public flack. But, it's doctrine. In fact, what always amazes ME is how little Mormons know about that part of their religion.

Anyway.... yeah, if Mormons are righteous enough, they believe there is polygamy in the highest kingdoms of heaven. Until 100 years ago, it was also practiced on this earth (by LDS).

Yes. I've seen the South Park episode. Cracks me up every time. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

erin said...

So Shane just informed me that the Mormons came to our door last night and it took every ounce of self-control to not mention Warren Jeffs. He did at least turn down their offer of a Bible. My husband is a nicer man than I (well, if I were a man that is). I better go inform him, though, that he could be the God of his own planet. He might me a little upset that he turned them down.