Sunday, August 20, 2006

Erin Asks: Do you discuss religion with your children?
Don't worry, I didn't take your question to be accusatory at all. ;)
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: I probably discuss religion, with my children, more than most parents. Once you start examing religion, you find that it's really prevasive in other areas of life (politics, social situations, interactions, etc.,.). At some point, I plan to make a post dealing with the books I've given my children to read. I think a "suggested reading list" would be nice to have, as a new atheist parent. I also think it would help people, such as yourself, understand exactly what I'm teaching my children (with regard to religion).
I encourage the older possums to look at all religions. If for no other reason than you should always seek to gain information on the people you will be dealing with as you age. Knowing the perspective of others is a life-lesson that most children never get (or are discouraged to acquire). The oldest possum still likes to go to Catholic mass and I'm totally okay with that. I do discuss what she's "learned" at church (when she goes) in a critical and rational light. But, I allow her to formulate her own positions and questions, in turn. I think the point I'm trying to make is; I don't actively bash religion as a means to teach my children to be atheists. I don't bash religion period. I do try to encourage my children to view everything with an ounce of skeptism and logic.


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