Monday, August 21, 2006

Anonymous Quetsions: Mini-van?

Why a mini van?
When one has four possums (children), one often needs a little more space. Since I dislike SUV's, our options were limited.

Do you have any stickers on your mini van?
I believe that we have the requisite registration stickers. But, other than that, no stickers. We toyed with putting various alumni stickers on the van. However, we settled on a license plate frame for Mr. Possum's alma mater. I've always wanted to put a Darwin fish, or a Flying Spaghetti Monster sticker, on the van... many a time. However, I live in the midst of a red sea, in a blue state. Putting outward symbols of my beliefs on my car has never appealed to me for the simple reason that I'd rather not be the marked fish in the barrell. I receive enough commentary as is: "WOW! You have FOUR kids?" "So, I heard you're an atheist? Is the rumor true?" And, my current favorite (the inspiration for this journal, no less): "You're an atheist? But, drive a mini-van!" I guess I missed that chapter/verse in the Bible where it says "Atheist! Thou shalt not drive a mini van."

I always figured that: if the devil could wear Prada, then I could drive an Odyssey.


Virginia aka Ginny said...

HA! Love the last comment on this post. :)

Corn Mash Whiskey said...

awesome quote!!!!
"I always figured that: if the devil could wear Prada, then I could drive an Odyssey."
Thanks for reading CornMashWhiskey too! I'm launching the Man Memoirs on Monday so check back for 'interviews'from the front lines! :)